3 Reasons Why You Should Call A Lawyer, NOT An Insurance Company After A Car Accident

According to the California Office of Traffic Safety, there were over 3,500 deaths, and more than 250,000 injuries resulting from auto accidents in CA in 2017. Los Angeles ranks as one of the most dangerous counties for car accidents in the United States. With over 490,000 car crashes annually throughout the state of CA, we’re all likely to experience at least one in our lifetime.

Why You Should Call A Personal Injury Lawyer After A Car Accident

Common wisdom would recommend that you call your insurance company immediately after you get into a car accident. But, you’ll find that many times your auto accident might be better handled by an experienced lawyer instead.

Many car accidents result in personal injuries to either the drivers, passengers, or both. The different things that contribute to the value of a vehicle-related personal injury are not measured easily, and an insurance agent looking to save some time can reduce your total your return .

Statistics from AutoBlog highlight the biggest dangers that drivers face on the road every day: other drivers.

Statistics from AutoBlog highlight the biggest dangers that drivers face on the road every day: other drivers.

Here are some reasons why you should call a personal injury lawyer instead of your insurance company after a car crash:

1) A Personal Injury Lawyer Is Going To Get You The Best Return Possible

The main problem is that when you are the claimant in a car accident, the insurance agency is not necessarily on your side. Insurance companies are looking to minimize the claims paid out to victims of auto accidents. This means that your agent who may mean well, will end up giving you a return payment much less than what you deserve.

In addition to minimizing your return, they may push you to use their repair shops or mechanics to save money. The insurance companies settlement offer may come even before you know the full extent of your injuries. If you settle too quickly and accept the initial offer from an insurance company, you may find yourself struggling financially afterward due to additional complications from your injury, with no legal options.

2) Personal Injury Lawyers Will Get To The Point

Unless you have a lot of experience dealing with auto accidents, you can end up spending more time & effort, while getting a mediocre payout. The amount of time you spend working with an insurance agency, may end up costing you more than the settlement itself! After all your hard work, you could end up getting less than you need to cover your injury & car damages.

Working with an attorney will allow you to focus on recovery and getting back onto your feet. We bear the stress of dealing with the details of your case on your behalf. The most important thing is that you are able to recover properly, without adding stress to your injuries.

3) Personal Injury Lawyers Are There To Defend You

Finding the right lawyer can be difficult, but having the best auto accident attorneys is worth the effort. Doing so can also save you, and earn you more money in a time when you need it most. Having a line of defense in your time of need is important. Especially so when an insurance company's’ main goal is to get you out the door as cheap and as quickly as possible.

On the other hand, your lawyer focuses on your best interests. It's their job to defend your rights and make sure you get fair compensation. So if a lawyer feels like you're being cheated, or that your insurance is not working hard for you, they will notice immediately and work to defend you

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