Breach of Contract

Workplace problems are a part of everyone’s life, but when there’s a breach of contract between you and your employer, then the matter may be more serious than you think.
Many employees, especially those working at a junior scale, experience breach of contract in different forms, such as delay in payment of wages or unpaid overtime. Most employers tend to bear this unfair treatment at work and neglect this breach of contract.
Understandably so, a layperson might not be familiar with the law regarding breach of contract. However, all contracts are legally bound, and both parties, employer and employee, need to respect and abide by the terms and conditions stated in the signed contract. Failure to do so can result in legal action against the party that breaches the contract. Younessi Law Firm is here to back any such case and make sure the victim party receives full rights and compensation for the damage caused by the breach of contract.

What Qualifies as Contract Breach

A contract breach covers both explicitly mentioned terms as well as implied terms. Since the contract is formed in written form, the terms and conditions stated in the contract are legal binding for the employer as well as the employee. However, there are some terms that are implied by the signing of the contract, and these implied terms also qualify for breach of contract. These include:

  • Timely payment of wages
  • No discrimination in the workplace
  • No blackmailing/harassment etc.

In addition to the explicitly mentioned terms and conditions, you can file a complaint for these implied terms as well. If you’re unsure whether the breach qualifies for a lawsuit or not, attorneys at Younessi Law Firm are available to guide and assist you throughout the process.

Your Next Steps

If you’ve experienced a breach of contract by your employer, you first need to confront your boss or manager regarding the issue. If it is a minor breach, the problem might resolve through confrontation. However, if the violation is a major one and has been a source of distress for you, you can sue your employer for this breach. Experienced lawyers at Younessi Law Firm can guide you regarding the implicit and explicit terms. It is still better to approach your senior or HR before moving to take the matter to court.

Consequences of Lawsuit

You might fear a discriminatory attitude as a result of filing a lawsuit for breach of contract. You might fear the loss of a job, promotion, or any sort of blackmail. If so, you need not to worry. The state protects your rights against any form of discrimination. Attorneys at Younessi Law Firm can further guide you regarding any possible consequences.

Why Accept The Assistance of an Attorney

Filing a Product Liability Case can be challenging due to the various types of claims that are available. Secondly, knowing what remedies are available to be obtained are also hard to assess. The experienced attorneys at Younessi Law have what it takes to prosecute your claim competently.

What you can Expect in Compensation?

Depending on the nature and seriousness of the breach of contract, you might be eligible for different benefits, such as lost wages, if you were removed from your job against your contract. 

Experienced lawyers at Younessi Law Firm will be able to guide you regarding possible compensation.

How do our lawyers help?

After you book a free consultation session, our lawyer will study your case to determine possible options and the best strategy to take up your case. Our attorney will also guide you regarding your options and will keep you in the loop throughout the legal process.

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