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Working at your job while you’re sick is extremely difficult and can be really harmful to your health. But you might be doing it in fear of loss of your wages or simply to gather the required amount for your medical treatment.

If you’re working in such a condition to save your wages or gather the amount for your medical bills, you need to know about worker’s compensation benefits.
Your employer needs to take care of your medical bills for your recovery. Moreover, your employer is also legally bound to compensate you for lost wages for the days you were absent from your job due to medical treatment.

While this may sound simple and straightforward, things don’t really flow in a smooth manner when it comes to worker’s compensation. Insurance companies find loopholes and ways to deny or minimize the compensational benefits they’d have to pay for workers’ compensation. Employers try to minimize their expenses for the medical treatment of their employees.
In such a situation where the worker is already not well, employees have no option but to get blackmailed by their employers. However, that’s not the case with the Younessi Law firm by your side.

Attorneys at Younessi Law firm are well-skilled and trained to help you claim your rights. Having years of experience helping workers claim their rights, our attorneys can help you claim your rightful benefits. Book your consultation session to find out your options and how our attorneys can help you get your rights as a worker.

What is Worker’s Compensation?

Worker’s compensation exists to protect your rights as a worker. If you fell sick due to your job or experienced any injury at your workplace, your employer is legally bound to not only pay for your medical expenses but also compensate you for your lost wages while you recover.

Often workers avoid informing their employer about their injury or health for fear of losing their job or wages. Most workers are unaware of their rights as an employee. So, in case of any workplace injury, they not only keep it to themselves but also bear the medical expense on their own, without informing their employer.

Worker’s compensation makes your employer dutiful towards you in any case of a workplace injury or sickness. Your employer needs to pay for your medical bills along with compensating you for your lost wages. In case your employer fails to compensate you for your workplace injury or delays the compensation, attorneys at Younessi Law firm are here to support you throughout the process.

How Can Younessi Law Firm Help?

If your employer provides you compensation for your medical expenses, that’s good. But often, that’s not the case. Companies and insurance agencies try to :

  • Minimize the claim of worker’s compensation
  • Prove the injury to be outside the workplace
  • Delay compensating their employees

In any such case, Younessi Law Firm is here to help you navigate the process and file for your compensation. Our experienced lawyers are just a consultation session away! Contact now for expert guidance.

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