Car Accidents

There are approximately 6 million car accidents per year in the US. Further, with the evergrowing distractions in modern society the causes of a car accident are endless.

The severity of car accidents vary greatly. It could be a minor scratch or, at worse, can be fatal. If one party is responsible for the accident, the other party can claim compensation for the damages. However, it depends on the cause of the accident. Some common scenarios of a car accident include:


Over-speeding is a leading cause of road accidents. Driving a vehicle at high speeds prevents the driver from being able to make reasonable, timely decisions while on the road, which then results in an accident.


Alcohol and drugs have a significantly negative effect on the reaction time and sensory skills of the driver. Driving intoxicated is illegal and is a cause for claiming compensation for an accident where a driver is impaired by alcohol and/or drugs.

Careless Driving

Careless driving is also a common cause of car accidents where the driver is unskilled, distracted, or simply careless in driving, resulting in damaging another vehicle or person. With all the distractions in modern society, careless driving accidents are on the rise.

Strange Junction

Some junctions have a relatively higher frequency of accidents. The increase in accidents on those junctions could be due to any design fault of that road that needs the attention of the authorities. It could be a blind end or a lack of speed-breaker. You may be compensated for an accident in a strange junction.

If you’ve experienced an accident, a lawyer from Younessi Law can help you claim compensation for the damages you had to bear due to the accident. Do not worry if you are unsure who is at fault for your accident because well-versed, experienced lawyers at Younessi Law are available to help you evaluate your situation, free of cost.

But what damages can you claim?

But what damages can you claim?

Medical Bills

If you were in a car accident and someone else was responsible for it, this is the first and foremost expense that you should claim. Medical bills include the immediate treatment you required at the time of the accident. It also includes the hospital bills and any post-treatment care you need, depending on the severity of the injury.


If the car accident caused you to lose your wages, income source, or future income earning capacity, a lawyer could help you claim compensation for it. This includes loss of income for the family due to the death of the earning hand in the car accident.

Attorney and Court Fees

Do not worry about attorney and court fees. An experienced lawyer from Younessi Law can help you win your claim for attorney and court fees. In fact, with Younessi Law, our compensation is tied to the results of your case.

Understand Your Case through Free Consultation

If you are still unsure about filing a lawsuit to claim compensation for your car accident, sign up for a free consultation session immediately. Without paying anything, you’ll understand your chances of winning your case and what compensation you can expect from the lawsuit. Experienced and compassionate lawyers at Younessi Law can help you understand your options with clarity. We take pride in assisting our clients and their loved ones through the process of successful recovery from their unfortunate car accidents.

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