Employment Discrimination

If you live in California and are suffering from workplace discrimination, you have someone you can turn to for help – Younessi Law firm; a team of experienced professional attorneys with extensive experience in Employment Discrimination rights. Here, at Younessi Law, our attorneys study your case, gather all the evidence and supporting documents before planning the strategy for execution of your discrimination lawsuit.

Employment discrimination comes in many forms: age discrimination, gender discrimination, race discrimination, religious discrimination, disability discrimination, or any other form of discrimination where you are deprived of your rights unfairly. Deprivation of rights can be in the form of unpaid wages, refusal to provide leave of absence as an accommodation, unfair termination, harassment, or any other unfair treatment based on your protected status or your engagement in a legally protected activity. If you’re facing any unfair treatment, the experienced lawyers at Younessi Law are here to help you.

Age Discrimination

If you’ve been a victim of age discrimination at your workplace and have not received any supportive response from the Human Resource department, filing a case for discrimination at the workplace can really help you. Unfair treatment due to age discrimination is governed by the US Age Discrimination Employment Act, which prevents any unfair demotion, termination, unpaid wages, or any other form of unfair treatment due to age. If you’ve experienced a different treatment due to your age, attorneys at Younessi Law Firm can help you fight for your rights.

Gender Discrimination

Gender discrimination is quite common in many workplaces, and women are mostly victims of this form of discrimination. The different treatment includes lower wages, hinderance in promotion, etc. In such a case, you can fight for your rights with the help of compassionate attorneys at Younessi Law firm.

Race Discrimination

The American dream promotes fair, unbiased treatment of people of all races and ethnicities. However, in some workplaces, employees of different races are still treated differently. If you’re one such employee, you do not need to tolerate the unjust treatment. Race discrimination rights are protected under U.S. and California law, and you can file a lawsuit for the unfair treatment you’ve suffered at your workplace.

Religion Discrimination

Discrimination on the basis of religion is also unfair and unlawful. Treating an employee differently based on their religion is unlawful as per US law. Unfair treatment also includes not accommodating a person with different religious beliefs because of their beliefs. Also, if the employee requires a specific day off to observe their religious duties, the company must accommodate them.

Disability Discrimination

The rights of employees with disabilities are protected under the American Disability Act of 1990. The workplace needs to accommodate disabled employees for their disability and must not treat them differently. Any hindrance in a promotion or any other form of unfair discrimination goes against the law and is qualified for a lawsuit.

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