Bias Glass Ceiling

Despite the laws related to equal opportunity, workers commonly experience a bias ceiling, or also known as the glass ceiling.

Bias or glass ceiling refers to discrimination, usually on the basis of gender or ethnicity, where women and/or minorities experience unfair and unjust attitudes based on their gender and/or ethnicity. The barriers created by discrimination can range from lower pay to overlooked promotions, to other forms of double standards. The term has been defined based on the symbol of a glass ceiling which limits the victim from growing within the organization due to the discrimination.

Discrimination on the basis of sex is often found in senior positions where female employees are prevented from growing into executive or top managerial positions. If any female employee reaches a high-level administrative position, it is referred to as cracking the glass ceiling. We at Younessi Law take pride in assisting our clients crack the glass ceiling.

Our experienced lawyers have helped many female and/or minority workers file a complaint about gender discrimination, which resulted in the rectification of the issue in their company, allowing the employee to grow to their deserved position and/or be compensated for the company’s wrongdoings.

How to Know You Are a Victim?

Gender and/or minority discrimination or the glass ceiling is usually a difficult situation to detect. The “glass” portion of the ceiling describes how the barrier is invisible, or difficult to see. The actions of these sophisticated companies are typically subtle and indirect, which makes it hard for an employee to realize they are a victim of glass ceiling and discrimination. The experienced lawyers at Younessi Law understand the sensitivity of the matter, are able to detect discriminatory patterns and/or facts that a victim may not be able to realize, and can guide glass ceiling victims through every step of the process.

Possible Cases of Glass Ceiling

You may be experiencing a glass ceiling at work, but due to the subtle and indirect nature of the discriminatory act, you might not detect it as gender/minority bias. Here are some cases that may qualify for glass ceiling. If you’ve experienced any of these, please reach out to us without any further delay.

Being overlooked in promotions despite meeting all requirements. Instead, member(s) of a different gender and/or ethnicity are given priority when it comes to promotions.

Your colleague(s) of a different gender and/or ethnicity have been promoted, while you’ve been denied promotion due to different reasons.

You haven’t been given a pay raise, while employee(s) of a different gender and/or ethnicity have received a pay raise.

You’ve been isolated or not invited to important meetings where your fellow colleague(s) of a different gender and/or ethnicity were invited.

You have been disciplined for actions that employee(s) of a different gender and/or ethnicity do not get disciplined for.

You detect negative differences in treatment of your gender and/or ethnicity in the workplace compared to your colleagues.

If you can relate to any of the above-mentioned scenarios, it is a possible case of a glass ceiling. If so, contact us for a free consultation session so we can guide you further and break the barriers to your growth.

What If You Lose Your Job for Filing a Lawsuit?

You might fear losing your job if you file a complaint against your employer for the glass ceiling. With Younessi Law representing you, you do not need to worry about losing your job or being disciplined for filing a lawsuit. Your employer is legally bound to not retaliate against you due to your complaint or lawsuit and we will ensure they are held responsible for their wrongful actions.

Still unsure about your situation? Book a free consultation session, allow us to evaluate your case, and learn about your available options. Our passionate, experienced discrimination lawyers are available to guide you through the entire process.

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