Hostile Workplace

We spend over 84,000 hours of our lifetime in our workplace. This is a major portion of our life, and so the workplace should be pleasant and a source of comfort and peace.

Unfortunately, many people experience hostility and harassment in the workplace, which forces them to spend a major part of their day suppressing anger and frustration – which eventually disturbs their personal life as well.

Fortunately, the state protects the rights of employees experiencing hostility and harassment, and there are laws focused on keeping the workplace safe.

If you’ve been treated differently, been sexually harassed, or abused at the workplace, you may have a claim for the hostile workplace, and you can file a complaint against your employer.

Now sure how to do that? Let Younessi Law assist you.

What Is A Hostile Workplace?

A hostile workplace includes all forms of unpleasant and unwanted treatment, including unwanted sexual advances, verbal abuse, blackmail, inappropriate behavior, or discrimination of any kind. If you’ve experienced any such behavior, you can file a complaint against your employer and have an experienced lawyer from Younessi Law take up your case and fight for your rights.

Our experienced attorneys have a vast experience in dealing workplace hostility in the form of:

  • Inappropriate comments
  • Inappropriate jokes
  • Sexual advances
  • Threats/blackmailing
  • Unwanted touching
  • Sexual gestures
  • Gender-based discrimination

And more.

Our lawyers study your case thoroughly before devising the right strategy for your case. Depending on your case, our lawyer will directly confront your employer regarding the hostile workplace environment. If the employer fails to address the issue, the matter will be taken to court, where our attorneys will claim compensation for the unpleasant experience.

Your Next Step

If you’re hesitant about losing prospects in advancing your career or losing your job if you stand up against a hostile environment created by your employer, you do not need to worry. Our attorneys make sure you do not experience any discrimination or retaliation for standing up for your rights. After filing a case for a hostile workplace environment, your employer is legally bound to make sure you do not lose your job.

Contact Younessi Law immediately to put an end to the hostile workplace environment.

Possible Individuals Causing Workplace Hostility

Workplace hostility is not necessarily caused by your boss. It could be your employer, your supervisor, any visitor, an important client, a contractor, or any staff member. No matter who the responsible person is, your rights remain the same. Upon your complaint, our attorney will approach your employer to address the problem and take necessary action. If your employer fails to take any action, our lawyer will then pursue the matter legally in court.

How to Prove a Hostile Workplace Environment?

Before filing a legal complaint or suing your employer, your first step should be to confront the responsible person, be it your colleague, supervisor, or any junior. Let them know of the unwanted behavior and make sure they understand your problem. If the responsible person fails to rectify their action, then you need to approach your supervisor or your boss, and let them know of the unwanted hostile behavior. If your superior fails to address the problem, then report to human resources and discuss the problem with them.

If the problem still remains unaddressed, then Younessi Law can help you take the matter to court and sue the responsible individual. In order to ensure the success of your trial, it is recommended that you have a written record of your communication with all the concerned authorities in your office. So whether you’re approaching human resources or your superior, it is best to do so in writing so that you have proof of workplace hostility and your effort to report this to your employer.

After that, you let the experienced attorneys at Younessi Law take care of your rights as an employee.

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