Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing homes provide professional help to your older family members through a facility managed by qualified staff. The last thing you want is a facility mistreating or neglecting your loved ones. Because it can be difficult to know what constitutes mistreatment or neglect of your loved one, the experienced lawyers at Younessi Law can help.

About Nursing Home Abuse

We often choose a nursing care home for our family members because we want extreme care and support for them. A nursing care home is run by qualified staff that tends to the needs of every member of the facility individually. In some instances, people have experienced unfortunate incidents where the elderly or disabled suffered mental or physical torture due to the staff at the nursing home. This can result in serious consequences, including the death of a loved one. Considering the severity of the consequences various states have passed laws to hold nursing facilities liable. With the help of professional attorneys, you can file for compensation for any medical, physical, emotional and or financial suffering that you and your loved one suffered.

Possible Causes of Nursing Home Abuse

Abuse at a nursing home could be outright despicable. In some instances, there have been reports of beating which have caused both physical and emotional injuries. However, nursing home abuse is not always outright malicious; indeed, some injuries can be wrought due to neglect. For example, forgetting to turn an invalid person could cause them bed sores; not taking someone on sufficient walks can cause blood clots can lead to strokes; and failing to give prescribed medications accurately and timely may cause irreparable harm.
Overall, managing a nursing home requires attention to detail and any minor mistake can prove fatal.

If you’ve experienced any such incidents it could be due to the facility being understaffed or due to a lack of professional training. Whatever the cause, the facility is liable for any suffering you or your loved one have had to go through due to the facility’s neglect. You can file suit if your loved one had to bear additional medical bills, or they experienced mental stress due to the facility’s neglect. For this you need the help of an experienced and qualified lawyer that understands the law and can help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

When to take Action?

It might be hard for you to recognize the signs of neglect and you might be relying on the member(s) of your family living at the nursing home. It can further complicate matters if your loved one has memory loss, including Alzheimer’s, making it difficult to find out essential details. It’s best to look for signs yourself. Be aware of any bruises or injuries on the body of your loved one. Pay attention to the hygiene and appearance of your loved one’s living quarters. Also, note their physical and mental health and try to question the staff and or roommates if something doesn’t look right. Observing these signs can help you take action at the right time. If you feel something is wrong, call the attorneys at Younessi Law to help you initiate your claim.

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