Occupational Disease

You spend a major part of your life working for someone. Be it a desk job, field job or any other type of occupation, you invest a considerate amount of time into your job, and here at Younessi Law Firm, we understand that.

Your Right as an Employee

In return for your devotion and effort, your employer is bound to take care of your health while you work. If, due to any unfortunate incident, you suffered an injury while working or you developed any sort of muscle pain due to your job requirement, your employer is legally bound to offer compensation for it. In any such unfortunate case, you claim for any sort of compensation for your injury, any sort of benefit. Your employer usually offers compensation in the form of financial support.

Hurdle in Worker’s Compensation

However, not all employers offer compensation easily. Many companies or insurance agencies find loopholes to deny or minimize the legal compensation required for the damage. Employers try to minimize the financial compensation that they need to provide for worker’s compensation. Moreover, sometimes the employee gets exploited or blackmailed into avoiding filing for rightful worker’s compensation. Insurance companies find reasons to deny the claim that the injury was due to job requirements. They’d also try to prove that the injury is not that serious and so does not require substantial compensation. What makes it worse is that you find yourself standing against big companies and insurance agents. It’s almost impossible for you to fight for your right and claim your rightful compensation.

The Process

The process of filing for worker’s compensation is extremely tiring and frustrating. Most people are coming across this law for the first time and so are unsure of the process and steps to take in order to claim for their rightful compensation. The process becomes even tougher due to the financial burden that must have befallen on you due to injury. These daunting times require a partner that can help you claim your rightful compensation, walk you through the entire process and guide you regarding your options at every step.

Younessi Law Firm

At Younessi’s Law Firm, we’ve come across many such cases and have helped many clients win their rightful compensation from their employer companies. Using extensive years of worker’s compensation, our lawyers ensure that you get maximum compensation for the damage caused by your job.
Using tried and tested methods, our lawyers design a roadmap of options available and the path to choose to win your rightful compensation as a worker. Our lawyers take a deep interest in all cases and explore all possibilities before deciding the strategy to follow. Being well-aware of the tricks used by insurance companies to avoid or minimize compensation, our lawyers plan proactively, ensuring that you get maximum compensation for your injury. Attorneys at Younessi Law firm also ensure execution of the process quickly without unnecessary delays.

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Taking the first step towards your right is the hardest. At Younessi Law firm, we are here to make this journey easier for you. Our attorneys are available to guide you every step of the way and ensure that you are informed of all possible options.

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