Permanent Disability

Did you experience an unfortunate injury or illness due to your job, and haven’t fully recovered? Are you afraid of job loss, or lost wages if you communicate your disability to your employer?

If so, then you are not only damaging yourself by working against the physical conditions of your body, but you are also depriving yourself of permanent disability benefits that your employer is legally bound to pay for your disability. It does not matter if you received temporary disability benefits or not. If your health condition is not recovering beyond a certain point, and your doctor testifies to the permanency of the disability, then you are eligible for permanent disability benefits.

Purpose of Permanent Disability Benefits

Permanent disability benefits have been designed to protect the rights of you and your family. It is to provide financial security in this financially tough time when your earning capacity has been reduced due to your health condition. Permanent Disability benefits not only compensate you for lowered earning capacity, but also take care of any medical bills to sustain your health.

Requirements for Permanent Disability Benefits

You qualify for permanent disability benefits if your doctor writes a ‘Permanent and Stationary’ report for you. This report testifies that your body cannot recover past a certain point, which makes you eligible for the benefits entitled to permanent disability conditions. The report specifies the medical condition, the work requirements, future care, and medical support required for your health condition.

Choosing the Doctor

To claim permanent disability benefits, you need the ‘Permanent and Stationary’ report from one of the doctors that are on the panel of your employer. However, if the doctor on the panel refuses to write the permanent disability report for you, and you disagree with the doctor’s conclusion, you can challenge the decision through a legal process. Attorneys at Younessi Law Firm are available to navigate you through the process and help you claim your rightful benefits.

Why do you need a Lawyer?

Claiming permanent disability benefits is not as simple and straightforward as it sounds, partially due to the insurance companies you’re up against. These insurance companies are experienced in finding loopholes that prove you to be ineligible for permanent disability benefits. This could be through proving that your disability was due to any injury outside of the workplace. Or they could prove the health condition is improving, and you do not qualify for permanent disability benefits. Lastly, your employer and insurance company can also try to minimize the benefits and financial compensation they need to offer.

Younessi Law Firm has a team of experienced attorneys that carefully study your case to devise well-planned strategies. Our compassionate lawyers ensure that you get your rightful benefits in a timely manner, without any deductions.

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You’re at a decision point. If you want to obtain your rightful disability benefits, then all you need to do is book a consultation session with us. Our lawyers will help you develop a thorough understanding of your case, and will provide you with all possible options.

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