Practice Areas

Personal Injury

Wrongful Death

When a loved one or family member is lost due to the carelessness or negligence of another, the effects can be devastating.

Product Liability

When a faulty product or marketing scheme results in injuries to consumers, product liability law holds manufacturers and those in the product line responsible.

Spinal Injuries

Of all the body parts, the spinal cord is one of the most sensitive to injury. Spinal cord injuries themselves are particularly serious.

Nursing Home Physical Abuse

Physical abuse against the elderly in homes and nursing homes across the country is on the rise. This type of abuse includes non-accidental force used against the elderly.

Slip, Trip & Fall Accidents

Unsafe conditions on someone else’s property can cause serious personal injuries. Slip, trip, and fall accidents, a widespread result of this.

Medical Errors

Medical malpractice describes the mistakes and errors which can result from the negligence of doctors, medical practitioners, or other health care workers.

Car Accidents

Car accidents are a major problem as the number of vehicles on U.S. roads is increasing every year. More cars on the road mean more car accidents, making navigating through even routine traffic a hazardous experience. 

Medication Errors

Medication errors often occur because of negligence or a mistake or a health care provider. Doctors, pharmacists, nurses, nurse practitioners, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals could each potentially be held liable for medication errors.

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