Product Liability

Consuming a defective product can pose many threats such as bodily injury and / or financial strain. Considering the gravity of the consequences of consuming a defective product, consumers have the right to hold the manufacturer and reseller accountable for the defect and any harm caused by it. However, it’s nearly impossible for a layperson to determine the type of defect that the responsible party can be held accountable for. Here at Younessi Law our experienced attorneys can help navigate this complicated process.

Types of Defects

If you or someone close to you suffered due to a defective product, you might have grounds to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or even advertiser of that product. The case depends on the type of product and the defect that resulted in damage it caused.

Manufacturing Defects

A manufacturing defect is not part of the original product design, nor is it intended to be part of the actual product. In this case, the manufacturer of the product is liable for the defect that is present in the final product that has resulted in injury or any other form of damage to the consumer. The consumer has a right to file for the damage they have suffered due to a defective product.

Design Defects

A design defect is intended to be part of the product and is not a mistake of the manufacturer. The manufacturer is responsible for the design defect that poses a threat of any form to the consumer. Any potential damage arising from the design of the product qualifies for a case against the manufacturer.

Warning Labels

If the injury could be avoided with a warning sign, the manufacturer is responsible for the damage to the consumer. The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) shares general consumer safety guidelines for all manufacturers to follow. The ANSI requires manufacturers to clearly convey any potential threat of product hazard through a warning sign.

Damages That Are Covered

If you’ve suffered due to a defective product you can file for the damages that you have suffered. The responsible party, be it manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer or advertiser, is liable to pay for the damages that you as a consumer experienced. An experienced attorney can help you get compensation for your suffering due to a defective product. You can get compensation for loss of income, mental trauma, and the medical cost you had to bear to recover from injury due to a defective product.

Why Accept The Assistance of an Attorney

Filing a Product Liability Case can be challenging due to the various types of claims that are available. Knowing what kind of compensation is available is also hard to assess. The experienced attorneys at Younessi Law have what it takes to help you through this difficult process.

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