Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment in a workplace makes performing duties unbearable, and while most victims continue to tolerate the harassment, it’s never the best choice. Any form of unwelcome conduct or comment based on gender, sexual orientation, or pregnancy comes under sexual harassment and is prohibited by both state and federal laws. Sexual harassment can also be unfair treatment based on gender, sexual orientation or gender expression. Contrary to common perception, sexual harassment is equally unlawful for both men and women. Most victims of sexual harassment continue to tolerate abusive behavior because of a lack of knowledge regarding their rights and steps that are required to take action against the harasser. Some also prefer keeping quiet because of a lack of evidence or proof to support the claim. Experienced lawyers at Younessi Law are here to help. With extensive experience in sexual harassment cases, attorneys at Younessi Law can help gather the evidence and plan the right moves to fight against the sexual harasser.

Foundations for Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is not limited to sexual advances only. It includes any unfair treatment that is based on the gender of the employee. It consists of any form of undue attention, intimidation, mockery, offensive jokes, name-calling, or any other form of harassment based on an employee’s gender or sexual orientation. In some cases, if the harasser is a senior in the hierarchy and the employee reports the harassment, the employer may end up supporting the person in the higher position or not fully investigating the report of harassment. This results in the embarrassment of the victim, which discourages other victims from standing up against the harassment. Younessi Law provides a voice to all those victims. With years of successful cases under our belt, our attorneys strategically plan to execute your case, ensuring that you receive fair compensation for your suffering.

What Qualifies for Sexual Harassment?

While most people consider sexual harassment to the offensive jokes, sexual advances, or inappropriate comments, it’s not limited to just that. If you experience unfair treatment due to your resistance to harassment, this also qualifies for sexual harassment. Hurdles in promotion, unpaid wages, disapproval in requests for leaves of absence are all included in sexual harassment if they are a result of resistance against any unfair demands. While it may seem daunting to gather evidence for that, attorneys at Younessi Law can help you. All you need to do is reach out to us.

Is it Only for Women?

This is a common myth when it comes to sexual harassment. However, while perpetrators are more commonly men than women, the law is the same for both genders, and there are cases where the victims are males. Sexual harassment could happen by any gender to any gender. So, it does not matter whether you are a male, female or nobinary; if you are experiencing sexual harassment at your workplace, attorneys at Younessi Law are here to help you. With years of experience and a successful portfolio of lawsuits, our lawyers will ensure you do not have to suffer any form of harassment.

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It is important to arm yourself with a lawyer if you experience sexual harassment in Southern California. An attorney can immediately go to work on protecting your rights, safeguarding your privacy, and fighting for a fair resolution. A lawyer could help you go up against your perpetrator and/or the entity that enabled harassment. Our Attorneys have experience filing claims against powerful defendants in Southern California, including Fortune 500 companies and entertainment conglomerates. Contact us for more information about your sexual harassment claim today.

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