Unsafe Working Conditions

The economy has forced everyone to take any job they get and work no matter the comfort and safety at the job. In order to put food on the table, some of us have to work in a harsh work environment and neglect any possible danger at work.
Working in the United States, you do not have to work in such harsh conditions. The state has defined working conditions suitable for working. If your workplace offers unfavorable working conditions that pose a threat to your well-being, you have a right to refuse working- without having to leave your job.
Younessi Law Firm has a team of experienced and compassionate lawyers who can help you file a complaint for an unsafe work environment. Our attorneys will not only help you in filing a complaint but will also guide you every step of the way, enlightening you with your best options.

What qualifies as an Unsafe Work Environment?

As per the law, any working condition that poses a serious threat to your life and well-being qualifies for unsafe working conditions and your employer is legally bound to cater for the cause. If your employer forces you to keep working in that workplace despite the safety factor, you have a right to refuse and file a complaint against that employer.

But what qualifies for the unsafe working condition?

Defective Equipment

This includes any piece of equipment or machinery that is dangerous to use. This could be because of any manufacturing fault or due to worn-out tools. In either case, if you feel that the equipment is unsafe to use, you must inform your employer immediately, who is then bound to replace that tool. If your employer fails to do so, you have a right to refuse to work and file a complaint. Our qualified lawyers can help guide you towards your next step, be it filing a complaint or refusing to work.

Fall Hazards

This kind of threat usually appears in construction places. Any weak surface can pose a threat to the worker’s, so the employer is required to take immediate notice of harmful conditions. Fall hazard also includes any slippery surface that risks the falling of worker’s.

Fire Risk

If your job involves working with any chemicals that pose a threat of explosion, you have a right to demand safety gear. Any kind of explosion that poses a threat to your safety qualifies for unsafe working conditions, and so you can request for necessary safety arrangements before you continue to work.

Any other Risk

In addition to the situations mentioned above, if there exists any other type of risk that you deem unsafe for you to work in, you have a right to request your employer to make necessary arrangements to ensure your safety in your workplace. If your employer fails to pay heed to your request, lawyers at Younessi Law Firm are available to help you file a complaint.

What You Need To Do

In any case of unsafe working conditions, you should first request your employer to make necessary changes to ensure your safety. You must not quit working immediately. Even after your employer has refused to make necessary changes, do not leave your job. Book a free consultation session at Younessi Law Firm and have an experienced lawyer handle the rest.

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