Work injuries

Did you experience any workplace injury and are afraid to tell your employer for fear of losing wages? If yes, then you’re not doing yourself any favors. In fact, you are depriving yourself of the rightful benefits that your employer owes you for workplace injuries.

But what steps do you need to take to claim your rightful compensation? What financial support can you expect? What are the challenges involved in pursuing workplace injury benefits? Find out answers to these and many more questions. Experienced lawyers at Younessi Law Firm are here to not only address all your concerns but also assist you in attaining your rightful compensation timely, without any deductions.

Situation Matters

There is no one fix for all workplace injury claims. The challenges associated with claiming your workplace injury benefits depend on many factors, including your employer, your state laws, the insurance company involved and the nature of your injury. Depending on these, the necessary steps to claim your rightful compensation will be decided. There is no need to worry; experienced lawyers at Younessi Law Firm are here to help you navigate through these options. Our lawyers will guide you regarding your possible options and will help you plan and execute your moves strategically. This ensures that you receive all workplace benefits that you’re eligible for.

Important Factors

First and foremost, it is important that your injury occurred due to an accident in the workplace. Additionally, the time of claim is also important. If you have experienced a workplace injury recently, you should book a consultation session immediately without any delays. This is because workplace injury claims are time-sensitive. If you have already delayed claiming for your workplace injury, no need to worry. Our experienced attorneys might still be able to help you. Book your free consultation session and let our experts figure out the best ways we can help you in this tough time.

What to expect

You might be worried about the lost wages. That, compounded with the heavy medical bills you must have had to incur due to your injury. If so, you’d be interested in knowing that workplace injury not only covers your medical bills but also compensates for your lost wages. Your employer is legally bound to keep you employed and compensate for your lost wages.

But in most cases, your employer will not be too happy to pay for this time off work.
This is why you need an experienced attorney at your side.

Contact a Southern California Work Injury Attorney

Your employer and insurance company involved will try to minimize the financial compensation you are owed. Your insurance company will try to reduce the seriousness of your injury. They will also try to prove that your injury was due to an accident outside of the workplace. There are many other tricks employed by insurance companies to avoid compensating for a workplace injury.

Our experienced attorneys are well-aware of such dirty games and will help you plan your moves strategically to avoid falling into such traps. Our compassionate lawyers will plan your moves after careful study of your case. This ensures that you get your rightful compensation.

So, forget worrying about your lost wages and heavy medical bills. With Younessi Law Firm by your side, you don’t have to worry about any financial damages linked with your workplace injury. Book a free consultation session today and explore your options.

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