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Attorney Referrals

We look forward to working with you. 

It's a win-win. 

Should a particular case fall outside of your firm's realm of expertise, but you believe it is a qualified lead, refer the client to us to be rewarded with a referral fee.


With thousands of successful referrals thus far, we not only focus on delivering the best service to the client but also the best to you. 

Click the link at the top of the page to connect to our referral portal, or call us at (844) 777-7777 to speak with a representative. 

Successful referrals from:

Alexander Cozzaglio

Amanda Olmstead Law

Amy Gosh

Ann Fromholz

Anthony Choe

Appel Rimbach Law

Ari Pourat

Arturo Nieto

B&D Pineda

Baruch Cohen

Bianes Law

Bobby Termechi

Bret Graham

Brian Kesluk

Britt Zoolalian

Caniel Guerrero

Carmen Ulivarry

Chin Law Group

Christina Coleman

Crosner Legal

Dan Park

David Haghighi

David Rosenberg

Deborah DeNiro

Dholakia and Associates

Dixon and Daley LLP

Doan Law

Drasin, Yee, and Santiago

Eleanor Miller

Roxana Eli 

Elliot Zarabi

Gene M. Woo

George Henderson

Ghitterman and Feld

Godwin and Robins

Goodchild and Duffy

Gourgen Babayan

Guerra and Casillas

Harouni Law Group

Heather Phillips

Hinden and Breslavsky

James Rucker Law

Jason Farhadian

Jason Kim

Jay Cohen

Jeff Pineda

Joe Correa

John Hernandez

Jose Maldonado

Karen Sloat

Kenton Koszdin

Kevin Malek

Koletsky, Mancini, Feldman, and Morrow

Kurlander and Burton

Landegger Law Firm

Laura Martinez

Lawyers for Justice

Lena Melkonian

Leora Sedaghati

Loren Nizinski

Mark Balali

McNamera and Drass

Meliora Law

Mendez and Sanchez

Moaddel Law Firm

Moshe Sinar

Naser Khoury

Nima Hadadi

Novian and Novian

Paal Bakstad

Parris Law Firm

Paymon Barati-Darmian

Perez Law

Peter M. Hsiao

Picco and Presley

Ramtin Sadighim

Regino Valenzuela

Rhett T. Francisco

Richard Reyna

Robert G. Mack

Robert Nakahiro

RP Law Group

Ruben Feilstein

Ruben Guerrero

Sam Geshgian

Saman Manavi

Samantha Ortiz

Sara Brown

Sarajian Law Group

Savin and Bursk Law

Shams Naimi

Shegarian Conniff

Sheldon Singer

Solov and Teitell

Steve Duran

The Capital Law Firm

The Nielsen Firm

Thomas Scully

Tizoc Perez

Tom S. Yee

Tom Takenouchi

Tony Seyfi

Victor Altamirano

Victoria Barron

Wax and Wax

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