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Focused on your employee rights

Firm founder Ramin Younessi heads the most aggressive team of attorneys in Southern California, and is an expert on everything that pertains to employment law. He was featured in Lawyer Monthly for his breadth of knowledge on the subject. 

Types of Claims



Discrimination can take many shapes and forms. It is much more than just a bias. Unfair treatment to anyone based upon their race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, or religion is unacceptable. You have the right to be yourself, and we'll fight for that right. 

Wage and Hours

Minimum Wage

There are laws in place to protect you from unrealistic work expectations and unlivable wages. Don't let employers step on your right to a fair wage or demand your overtime work go improperly compensated. We have represented thousands of employees in individual or class-action lawsuits focused on wage and hours, and we are ready to show our comprehensive understanding and willpower for your case. 


Wrongful Termination Fired

You've been the model employee for years now. You are timely, hardworking, and always bring your best. But, you were suddenly terminated. If you were retaliated against for a legitimate concern, or feel you were targeted in a discriminatory manner, you may have a case for wrongful termination. 

Sexual Harassment

Sexual Harassment Lawyer

Sexual harassment in the workplace can make performing duties unbearable. You may feel pressured to keep quiet for fear of retribution, but know that unwelcome conduct or comment based on gender, sexual orientation, or pregnancy is prohibited by law. Let us take the reigns and make these wrongs right. 

Breach of Contract

Contract Lawyer

A breach of contract is when the agreed-upon terms of your employment are disregarded by your employer. This could take the form of late wage payments, unpaid overtime, or any other violation of common codes of conduct.  

Employee Status

Employee Lawyer

Are you an independent contractor or employee? It is important to know the difference, because each category has rights that are not to be infringed upon. Some employers will wrongfully categorize their employees as independent contractors to get out of providing the benefits that are essential to employees. Don't just take your supervisor's word for it. If something doesn't feel right, reach out to us. 

Hostile Workplace

Hostile Job Fired

We spend over 84,000 hours of our lifetime in our workplace. Unfortunately, many people experience hostility and harassment in the workplace, which forces them to spend a major part of their day suppressing anger and frustration – which eventually disturbs their personal life as well. If you feel that your emotional or physical well-being is consistently in jeopardy, give us a call.


Glass Ceiling

Discrimination Lawyer

A glass ceiling refers to discrimination, usually on the basis of gender or ethnicity, where women and/or minorities experience unfair and unjust attitudes based on their gender and/or ethnicity. Most often, these cases occur when a qualified worker is consistently overlooked, despite their hard work, while their peers are consistently promoted and given raises.

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