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defective IVF products:
Hold them accountable.

You found hope through IVF.

Don't let them take that hope away from you.

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Reclaiming Futures:
The battle against CooperSurgical's negligence

In the shadowed corners of hope, where families yearn for the miracle of life, a devastating blow was dealt between November and December 2023. CooperSurgical, a titan in fertility assistance, betrayed the very essence of its mission. Instead of nurturing the seeds of future generations, they unleashed a catastrophe by distributing a lethal solution, snuffing out thousands of burgeoning dreams and extinguishing the hope of countless would-be parents. This wasn’t just a failure; it was a betrayal of trust at the most fundamental level.


Have your aspirations of parenthood through IVF been shattered by this calamity? Younessi Law stands as a beacon of hope, ready to champion the cause of those ensnared in this heartbreak.


Hear from Roxana Eli, an attorney at Younessi Law, a voice that echoes the anguish and resilience of many: “As a mother, the desire for others to experience the boundless joys of parenthood is something I hold dear. My heart aches for every soul who has suffered loss in this unthinkable tragedy. With every fiber of my being, I vow to pursue justice for the innocent dreams dashed by CooperSurgical’s reckless disregard.”


In the relentless pursuit of justice, where expertise, unwavering dedication, and a deep-seated commitment to righteousness are the cornerstones, Younessi Law emerges as the vanguard. Boasting over three decades of unparalleled expertise in catastrophic personal injury law and mass tort litigation, our firm is synonymous with tenacious advocacy against the Goliaths of the corporate world.


Under the seasoned leadership of Ramin Younessi, a luminary in the legal field with a storied history of battling medical malfeasance, our team is galvanized for the fight. Together, we stand ready to confront the negligence of CooperSurgical head-on.


If you find yourself among those wronged by CooperSurgical’s negligence, let your voice be heard. Reach out to Younessi Law at (844) 777-7777. Our dedicated team is poised, with the full breadth of our resources at the ready, to wage this crucial battle for justice and healing.

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